Emeritus Fellowship
Nature of Assistance Available Under the Scheme :  

The number of slots available under the scheme is 100 for Science streams and 100 for Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages (total 200 slots) at any one given time basis. The assistance available under the scheme is:
1. Honorarium of Rs. 31,000/- p.m. for two years (non-extendable)
* The revised rate of honorarium is applicable w.e.f. 01.12.2014.
2. Contingency grant (non-lapsable) of Rs. 50,000/- p.a. towards secretarial assistance, travel within the country connected with the research project, stationery, postage, consumables, books and journals and equipments. However, books, journals and equipments etc. procured out of the contingency grant will be the property of the university/college/institute.

3. Foreign visit in connection with the approved research work of the awardee will be limited to once in a year with the prior approval/no-objection of the Institution/University where the project work is being undertaken alongwith that of UGC. This will be further subject to no financial liability on the part of UGC.

4. The expenditure would be accounted for audit by the university department concerned like any other departmental expenditure. The Emeritus Fellow would be entitled to such other privileges including medical facilities as available to the university faculty members, but not housing.